3 ways brands can stand out on Instagram

Photo courtesy of @chelseakauai

Photo courtesy of @chelseakauai

Post something remarkable

Get people talking.
What is it that makes your business stand out? Do you partner with interesting people or desirable like-minded businesses? Give your followers information they want to share with others.

Content is key

High resolution beautiful pictures and videos that your brand distinctly owns are becoming standard. Even user generated content that you choose to re-post needs to be of an extremely high standard. It is highly recommended that brands invest in creating their own never-seen-before content, particularly given that 47% of millennials say their purchase decisions are influenced by social media.

Keep it concise

With so many channels, networks and outlets all competing for our attention, most of us are overwhelmed with information. Concise, attention-grabbing and punchy posts are always recommended. If you have additional information to share, do so by sharing your website link in your profile..