5 Least Crowded Beaches on Oahu

By: Taryn Anderson

Get a more intimate beach experience with our guide to secluded beaches on the bustling island of Oahu.

We’ve all seen the iconic photos of a bustling Waikiki packed with tourists and beach lovers alike. While this can be a fun and exciting experience for some, others are looking to get away from the crowds. Not only will we share with you our top picks, but also our inside knowledge of the these sandy reprieves.


South Shore

Cromwells Beach

Cromwell’s isn’t exactly a secret or hidden gem but it can certainly be a relaxing and quiet experience. Located minutes from Diamond Head trail, this is a perfect spot for those living in town with limited time. Make sure to hit this beach early in the morning, especially on the weekdays. Always check the tides and try to go when the tide is the lowest or you can get splashed walking to and from. 


Waimanalo Beach Park

East Side

Waimanalo Beach, O'ahu

Waimanalo offers dazzling blue waters paired with soft, white sand for picturesque views. This expansive stretch of beach allows you to spread out from other beach-goers. Check the wave report if you’re looking to swim lazily. The sandy, shallow bottom is nice when the water is flat, but can be a little less inviting when there are bigger sets. With multiple entrances, street and beach parking and a shower/restroom area, Waimanalo is an excellent option.


Ke Iki Beach

North Shore

While many prefer the more popular Pipeline or Sunset Beach, you can most likely find us at Ke Iki Beach when we go North. This massive, sandy slab beach makes it nearly impossible to feel crowded. During the summer, waves are less frequent making for a peaceful float in these typically rough waters. Shore breaks pound in the winter time for some massive wave watching. Stick around until evening and you’re bound to catch a spectacular sunset.


Yokohama Bay

West Side

Yokohama Bay.jpg

If you’re familiar with the West side of Oahu, you’ve probably heard of the sometimes overlooked Yokohama Bay or “Yokes”. Also known as Keawaula Beach, this area boasts a wide, sweeping beach surrounded by steep mountain peaks. Be aware that waves can be rough, so always check the surf reports ahead of time. Shade is hard to come by, so pack an umbrella if you’re planning on posting up all day.


Kailuana Beach

East Side

Kailuana Beach.jpg

Kailuana Beach is located on the idyllic East side of Oahu near Kailua. With flour-soft sand and crystal clear azure waters, you’ll think you’ve stepped into a postcard. Less crowded than the well-known Lanikai and Kailua beaches, this seemingly private beach serves as a reclusive alternative in this somewhat busy area. Park on Kailuana Loop and look for a sign that says Kailuana Brow for public access.