Honolulu’s Favorite Female DJ Shows How She Joyfully Mixes Life in Toyota Short Film


2018 Toyota C-HR

Oi Agency partnered with Toyota Hawaii to launch the new CH-R to the Hawaii market. The car is a brand new model for Toyota globally, designed specifically for drivers seeking the utmost in safety but also with a keen eye for design and style.

Our goal was to bring the values and the tagline of the CH-R, ‘Embrace The Unexpected’ to life.

Luckily we’re friends with a few creative risk takers that shared the same values of the CH-R. We worked with the Toyota Hawaii team and video storytellers, Redefined Media to curate a short film series.


The dynamic, inspiring and talented Christa Wittier AKA DJ SuperCW immediately came to mind. We admire Super CW for her strength, tenacity and ability to challenge the status quo. She was Hawaii's very first independent nightlife blogger, the first female DJ in Hawaii to be named musical director of POW! WOW! Hawaii, the infamous street art festival, and to top it off, kicked stage IV cancer.


You can learn more about Christa's amazing story and her incredible journey in Toyota’s #AlohaCHR video here: http://bit.ly/2zMeTzp

Here’s three of Super CW’s top tips for living a full and awesome life:

  1. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Never take advantage of being in a position of power as the tables can one day turn.

  2. Keep your close friends close but always be branching out, especially into different industries.

  3. Work on what you are passionate about even if it’s just as a hobby. Life has a funny way of making things happen when you do this.

We can’t agree more with these sentiments!


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