Tips for Taking the ULTIMATE Instagram Photo

Lighting is KEY

Use natural light to your advantage! Not only will natural light give you your daily dose of vitamin D, natural light can be so soft and beautiful in comparison to using flash. Unless your intention is to have a backlit photo, the best way to achieve the perfect shot is to let the natural light shine onto your subject. Doing this illuminates your subject and gives you a really great and naturally exposed photo.

Take A LOT of Pictures

The more pictures you take the greater chance you’ll find an Instagram-worthy photo. Use either the burst mode or just snap as many pictures as you can. When you just go for it, you’re less worried about every single photo which opens up the possibilities for experimenting with different angles. 

Turn Your Grid On

Ever heard of the rule of thirds? It basically means when your photo is divided using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, an off-center composition is more pleasing to the eye. Use the grid squares to create a flow for the viewer’s eyes. 


Create a Signature Style

Express your unique style through your Instagram feed. Instead of thinking of each photo individually, think of your feed as a puzzle and each photo comprising a piece of the puzzle. Allow your photos to work cohesively together to convey your signature style.

At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may appeal to one person, may not to another. Your feed is whatever you make out of it and is a fun way to express yourself and your brand to the world.