The DO's and DON'T's: Instagram Stories

The DO's and DON'T's: Instagram Stories

With over 250 million Instagram users posting and looking at stories daily, there has never been a better time to engage with followers through stories. Take advantage of the platform that is allowing creative brand exposure for small and large businesses alike.

Tips for Taking the ULTIMATE Instagram Photo

Tips for Taking the ULTIMATE Instagram Photo

Instagram is a fun way to express yourself and your brand to the world. Here are a few tips for taking the ultimate photo for the platform. 

Advertising Via Instagram Stories Is Now Global


Looking to reach up to 150 million potential customers?

Advertising via Instagram Stories may be the solution for your brand offering your customers a more personalized and immersive brand experience.

Here's the scoop:

  • Video can be up to 15 seconds long

  • Only 9:16 vertical images and video can be used for ads on Instagram Stories

  • Instagram ads use the same targeting and measurement tools as ads that run in the newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram

  • Ad views are counted as soon as the ads appear

  • Ads on Instagram Stories are signified by a small ‘Sponsored’ marker at the bottom center of the screen

  • Ads play with sound by default and are skippable if not of interest

Here is more information on how to create an Instagram Stories ad: