Video Content Subscription

For Hotels & Resorts

Storytelling has always been the most powerful form of communication, and video has been and is more than ever today, one of the most dynamic tools to tell stories.

Video is no longer an option for marketers in the hospitality industry. It’s a necessity, not a luxury. Video is a vital part of any content strategy.


In 2017 online video accounts for 74% of all website traffic


93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales and communication


The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video


When video is included in an email, click through rates increase by 200-300%


What's Included

  • 2 X Fully Produced Feature Videos: With music and graphics of any subject you choose. Videos will be shot using multiple cameras.
  • 2 X Drone/Matterport Combination Video: A 60-second video using special effects that merge a Matterport Virtual Tour with Drone footage.
  • 6 X Drone Video Vignettes: Can be of anything you choose within your hotel or resort.
  • 8 X 360 Degree Videos: A one-minute fully produced video of any space within your hotel or resort.
  • 8 X Interview Style Videos: Can be interviews with your GM, your chef, a community partner - you decide.  
  • 12 X Matterport Virtual Tours: From rooms, to restaurants to event spaces.
  • 12 X Fly Thru Videos: 60-second videos that additionally capture the same spaces of the Matterport Virtual Tours.
  • 12 X Virtual Reality Experiences: Utilizing the Matterport Virtual Tour Content.
  • 50 X Hotel/Resort Wide Still Photos: Captured in HDR via Drone or land camera and post produced with a cinematic look. The quality provided will include imagery suitable for your website through printed collateral.
  • Unlimited Professional Still Photography Images: 4K, ultra-HD images from the Matterport Virtual Tours. The resolution of these images will be up to 300dpi and can be used for printed books or brochures.
  • 50 Instagram Images: Sized in the format required for Instagram.


How It Works

Our professional content team will visit you every six months.

Within two weeks of each visit you will receive:

  • 1 X Fully Produced Feature Video
  • 1 X Drone/Matterport Combination Video
  • 3 X Drone Video Vignettes
  • 4 X 360 Degree Videos
  • 4 X Interview Style Videos
  • 6 X Matterport Virtual Tours
  • 6 X Fly Thru Videos
  • 6 X Virtual Reality Experiences
  • 25 X Hotel/Resort wide Still Photos
  • Unlimited Professional Still Photography Images (from Matterport Tours)
  • 25 X Instagram Images


The Cost

  • More than $120,000 worth of content provided throughout the year.
  • Pay only a fraction of this per month.
  • Pay for nine months and receive the full year.
  • You select the three months where there is no payment.
  • No catch. With a background in hospitality, we understand that some months are better than others budget-wise.
  • After the year, you can continue, pause or cancel with no long-term commitment.

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